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A women receiving a reiki session.

A Natural Approach to Healing

Dana Siegel, owner of Reiki Garden & Sound Healing

About Me

Hi! My name is Dana Siegel. As an experienced Reiki Therapist and sound healer in Northern Virginia, I integrate a range of therapies to prevent and treat disease and promote optimal health. My goal is to help you realize your body's awesome and natural ability to heal and soothe itself. Yes, that is possible.

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”


Mind, Body & Soul

Reiki and sound healing session
Distance reiki session
Traveling sound baths

Reiki & Sound Healing Session

Deeply relax the body and mind with a combination of Reiki and Sound healing.

Distance Reiki Sessions

Balance the body, mind, and spirit by breaking down energy blocks without being physically present.

Traveling Sound Baths

Allow yourself to be bathed in the therapeutic sounds of singing bowls and gongs in the comfort of your home or corporate setting.


Working with Dana was a delight.  I sought out her services after having anxiety / stress related issues.  She thoroughly explained everything to me before our session in a calming and serene environment and, quite honestly, the experience was beyond anything that I could have ever imagined considering I'd never heard of Reiki healing before.  I was at peace.  I could not recommend her services highly enough and am grateful for taking the chance to meet with her.  She is wonderful.  Thank you, Dana!

Mark Ayers

After seeing Dana for a few years now, I can’t imagine life without my reiki/sound healing sessions with her! I struggle with stress and anxiety regularly. My brain constantly runs, never letting me truly relax. Five minutes into our first session and I felt my mind giving in, falling into a deep meditation. I leave every session truly feeling lighter and rebalanced.

Jordan Laranjeira

I contacted Dana to help me with my daily stress and insomnia. Ibe had Reiki once before. I really liked the combination of Reiki with Sound healing that Dana offers.  The sounds offer a whole different dimension to the relaxation.  I felt like I left my body and came back a calmer version of myself. I highly recommend Reiki Garden and Sound Healing!

Tinh Nguyen

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