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My Story

I am a certified Sound Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher, End of Life Doula through Hospice, and Mindfulness expert. I'm also a Hospice Patient Care volunteer.

My goal is to teach people that our bodies have innate wisdom far more significant than anything man has invented. Don't get me wrong; I am ALL for modern medicine. We have brilliant surgeons and researchers doing great work and trauma care. Our bodies know how to heal and our minds are part of our bodies. For example, when smokers put the cigarettes down, their bodies get to work detoxing the system and repairing the lungs. 


The mind's ability to heal the body is now being taken seriously by scientists who used to question alternative medicine. We've known that fear can cause a stomach ache, stress can cause a headache, nervousness can cause sweaty palms, embarrassment can cause skin flushing, and hundreds more.

I am committed to helping people heal physical and emotional ailments through the gentle practice of Reiki and Sound Healing.

Not sure if Reiki & Sound Healing is for you?  Schedule a call with me to discuss.

Reiki session consultation with client
Reiki session in progress

My Approach

The journey begins with a brief breathing exercise and visualization to prepare your body for deep relaxation so the Reiki can work its magic. When the body is deeply relaxed, the nervous system is quiet and your body's innate intelligence heals itself.

Once deep relaxation is achieved and the client is open to receiving healing, I introduce sound using a variety of healing instruments such as tuning forks, gongs, rattles, Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, and drums. Each tool plays an integral role in healing. 

I finish by grounding and balancing the client's energy centers and allowing time for the client to come back into their body.

A Reiki & Sound Healing session can address a particular problem or just balance and restore the body and mind.

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